Customized Assistance Services (CAS) helps Human Resources Administration (HRA) clients with health and/or mental health conditions reach their highest attainable level of functioning and self-sufficiency by providing comprehensive, integrated,individualized clinical and support services. CAS works with other components of HRA and with other governmental and non-governmental service providers to create new programs and to integrate and refine existing services so the people it serves can achieve their maximum functional capacity.

The Customized Assistance Services, Visiting Psychiatric Services (VPS) Unit is recruiting for two (2) Supervisor of Nurses II to function as Psychiatric Nurse Practitioners, who will:

Perform comprehensive home or shelter-based mental health evaluations of clients throughout the five boroughs of NewYork City as per Office of Health and Mental Health Services (OHMHS) policies and procedures and under OHMHS physician supervision.

Under OHMHS physician supervision, prepare detailed mental health report as per OHMHS policies and procedures.

Formulate service and treatment recommendations, included in the mental health report and under OHMHS physiciansupervision, to assist the referring agency in planning for the client’s biopsychosocial needs.

Review all available clinically relevant material, including referral information and previous Visiting Psychiatric Services (VPS) mental health evaluations prior to any new mental health evaluation.

Attend clinical supervision and training sessions.

Comply with OHMHS quality assurance standards in multiple areas that include are not limited to: content, quality, and timeliness of submission of mental health reports and other clinical documentation; administrative areas; timeliness of response to routine, urgent, and emergent cases; post-evaluation follow-up actions; and referral source and client satisfaction.

Arrange for the involuntary transport to the hospital of individuals who are dangerous to themselves

Periodically testify as an expert witness in capacity hearings for clients previously evaluated when requested by the agency.

have completed a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner or equivalent program registered or approved by the New York StateEducation Department; or

have current certification as a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner by a national certifying body recognized by the New YorkState Education Department.

Conducting home based psychiatric assessments is a preferred, although not required, skill

and/or others under OHMHS physician supervision in coordination with police, Emergency Medical Services (EMS) and hospital personnel.

Minimum Qual Requirements

A valid New York State License and current registration to practice as a Registered Professional Nurse. This license must be maintained for the duration of employment.


For Assignment Level I

In addition to meeting the license requirement above, candidates must have three years of full-time satisfactory experience as a Registered Nurse, two of which must have been in a supervisory capacity within a hospital or other appropriate setting.

For Assignment Level II

In addition to meeting the license requirement above, candidates must:

In addition, candidates must have three years of full-time satisfactory experience as a Registered Nurse, one of which must have been working in the capacity of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner.

Preferred Skills

Salary $117,882 (Annual)

New York City offers an excellent and comprehensive benefits package.


Apply now:

For consideration, please go to‌jobs and search for Job ID # 466397 to apply. SUBMISSION OF A RESUME IS NOT A GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE AN INTERVIEW.

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