Upscale Security Officer – $19.65 / hour
  • Candidates must possess a minimum 2 year of security experience (Minimum of 24 months total experience)

Custom Protection Officer – $24.33/ hour 

  • Must possess one or more of the following:

·         Service in Military Occupational Specialty related to law enforcement, security (such as Military Police, Elite Military Forces, combat arms) or any support role in a Combat Zone

·         Graduate of a Certified Public Safety Academy (military or civilian) or verified work experience in the law enforcement, adult corrections, or firefighter field.

·         A minimum of 2 or more years of service in any military branch with honorable discharged

·         Associate degree and above (or 60 credits) or higher in law enforcement or criminal justice with current or prior active military service

 Local NYC College/Universities. $18-20/hr.


Residential & Shelter (entry level) : F02 is a plus . $16-17/hr.

 Proof of Vaccination Required

HSD/GED Mandatory


Employer will sponsor candidates for security license if this is a first time applying for one. If  candidates have had a security license in the past, the employer will not sponsor them. 

This is an approved Workforce1 Employer and requires registration with WF1 to complete application process.   Please register using this link and save your 7-digit confirmation number.     Login – Worksource1 (



Salary or Hourly Rate